Grocery Store Hard Boiled Eggs Taste Test

I’ve written about grocery store hard boiled eggs in an earlier “prototype” of this blog, but seeing them again, this time at Giant, made me think about reposting.

Previously, I wrote:

“Are you kidding? People are THAT lazy that they can’t even boil their own eggs???” I scoffed when J brought a bag of ready-cooked, hard boiled eggs back from Grosvenor Market, the closest grocery store to us.
“Just try one,” he says, shoving an egg in my face. Curious, I take it.


The egg white is rubbery. Yolk – dry as a bone. Definitely no match for fresh, hard-boiled eggs.


But later that evening, I find myself creeping over to the fridge to snack on another of those ready-made eggs. They really are a convenient, filling and low-caloried snack.

Guess I’ve become a lazy, can’t-even-boil-my-own-eggs person now.

Months on, I’ve changed my mind. Where I’m from, people buy most of their food fresh from farmer’s markets – friends look at you funny if you buy prepared foods. Though there’s a lot of cleaning, chopping and peeling that goes on after, the difference in taste is obvious, and worth it. One doesn’t just outgrow fresh, quality food when they move abroad. I sure haven’t.

Not only are these eggs dry and rubbery, they’re also bland bland bland and shockingly expensive. Almost $7 for a packet of ten eggs! For $2-$3, you’re better off buying a raw dozen, boiling them up and saving them in the fridge for later. Even if you have plenty of money to waste, don’t be lazy!

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