Hong Kong Noodles at Full Key in Wheaton

Lately, I seem to be posting a lot about food more than anything else. Take it as a good sign, because it tells you how diverse this area is, and you won’t be bored if you eat out often.

Full Key Hong Kong Restaurant in Wheaton, Md., is a gem of a find. A good bowl of wonton noodles in soup is hard to find, and this place quells the cravings. They also serve roast duck, roasted chicken in soy sauce, congee and stir-fried garlic greens. Lots of other good food choices can be found in this humble establishment.

I dare say most people would approve and agree that this is a good place, unless you’re picky about decor. The interior of the restaurant looks like it belongs in late seventies Hong Kong. Look at the patterned, dual-toned wallpaper! Look at the caramel tablecloths with red flowers on them! And why aren’t the holiday lights taken down? I’m also pretty sure I heard Sally Yeh playing overhead. But soon, I wasn’t paying much attention to the decor, as I was too busy looking at the spread before me:

Sitting by the window worked out great. Look how the light hits the food, making it look all the more attractive!

Everything looked delicious. Which one to start with?

Shrimp & pork wonton noodles in soup – it’s as delicious as it looks

A good, hearty bowl of wontons and egg noodles in broth is one of those dishes that just doesn’t taste the same away from home. But I’ll take what I can get. Full Key’s wontons are quite good – the wrap was slippery and al dente; shrimp-pork filling was juicy and meaty. But the salt/MSG needed to be dialled down a notch. Same goes for the broth. Noodles were delicious.

Chicken in special soy sauce…tasted good, but I did wish for meatier cuts

I think I’m spoiled by the way some Chinese Malaysian chefs make soy sauce chicken. They roast the chicken until the outside is really crispy and stays that way, even after being drenched in special soy sauce. And because the Chinese serve most meat dishes with bones still in, you might find the cuts rather lacking. I’m used to this, but the portion we were served seemed even less meaty than the usual fare. Would gladly have paid extra for more white meat chicken, but i didn’t ask if that was an option. At least the sauce was flavourful.

If you didn’t like vegetables before, this Chinese broccoli dish will convert you.

Their Chinese broccoli is exceptionally delicious. It was fresh, crunchy and had just the right amount of seasoning. Other places often turn this dish into an overcooked grease fest, but that doesn’t happen here. If you didn’t like Chinese broccoli before, there’s something very wrong with if you aren’t won over at Full Key.

Simple, tasty Hong Kong style comfort food favourites. And the best part is, the prices won’t bore a hole in your wallet!

Full Key
2227 University Blvd W
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 933-8388

Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am – 11:30 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am – 12 am

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