Coldplay at the Verizon Center in Chinatown

Coldplay was such a blast to watch live! They had a bit of a fancy light show going as the band performed. Confetti and colourful giant balloons also made appearances. It was like a big party with neon lights! My gal pal and I sang along to all the old favourites, and we screamed for the Coldplay guys like teenage fan girls so hard we must have both lost our voices the next day. I know I did.

But the concert wasn’t without a downside. I don’t know if the Verizon Center’s (in the District’s Chinatown) sound system is really suited for a music concert. The instruments sounded louder than the singer’s voices for both opening acts.  It was better when Coldplay was performing, but Chris Martin’s voice still sounded far away from us despite our good seats. In fact, some of the best sound quality that night came from the crowd singing in unison. We actually sounded pretty amazing!

By comparison, the M&T Stadium in Baltimore (which is more than twice the size of Verizon Center,) has their sound system sorted. Even though I was way up in the nosebleed section when U2 performed there, Bono’s angelic crooning could be heard loud and clear.

It’s not Coldplay’s fault, they’re a very solid live band and we had a wonderful time. Verizon just needs to upgrade their sound, or fire (sorry!) the sound engineer.

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