Mario and Binders Full of Women Make Merry on Halloween


Picture by Mok Yi.

Night has fallen and you’re out on the town for a fun evening. All around you are witches, vampires and zombie nurses. As the evening progresses, the Ron Burgundys, policewomen in unnecessarily short skirts, pirates and flavour-of-the-year Korean pop sensation Psy, abound. If it was a regular weekend in the District, you should be worried, but the run-up to October 31st, Halloween, is the weekend to dress up in any costume you can create or buy, and if you don’t, then risk being called a square.

Halloween costumes extend to pop-culture, political and current affairs references. That’s why “Sandusky,” complete with a shower curtain and child-sized dummy wrapped around the guy’s waist, caused a huge stir at Zombiefest (where I was,) and later erupted into a shouting match between offended partygoers and friends of the guy dressed as Sandusky. In contrast, nobody had a problem with the girl who came dressed as a binder full of women. I don’t have a picture of her, but you can get a better idea from here.

Whatever the costume, Halloween is all about visual fun. With so many fantastical and whimsical creatures springing to life, photo opportunities are irresistible. I went to Zombiefest at Half Street Fairgrounds with a Super Mario Brothers crew. When we ran into a rather fearsome woodcutter at the festival, the result was the picture on the left.

I love Halloween. Happy celebrating!

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