Where Have All the Cherry Blossoms Gone?

It’s that beautiful time of year again. That time when DC area residents notice that certain trees in their neighbourhood, the same ones which have blended into the background all year round, are beginning to look like large balls of pink cotton candy on a stick. That time when local media are keenly watching and reporting on the peak flowering period of the cherry blossom trees. That time, when tourists throng the Tidal Basin in droves, just to marvel at the natural springtime beauty that very briefly descends upon the city. Cherry blossom season in Washington DC is a sight behold, but the finicky nature of the flowers can make it hard to plan a weekend of pink blossom splendour.

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Gourmet International Groceries at Rodman’s

One of the biggest complaints that expats often have is that they can’t find foodstuff that they’re used to having at home. Luckily for those of us in the Washington Metro Area, there are many international grocery stores peppered around the region. Some have large, fresh produce sections, whilst others are stocked mainly with packaged items. Rodman’s (Discount Gourmet) in Rockville, Md. is one such market.

From the outside, it’s not fancy in any way, and square footage of the premises is not big enough for a grocery store. But they make good use of the space – it’s so crammed with all kinds of foreign goodies, the aisles are just barely enough for a small trolley (or cart, as the Americans call it) to roll through. Continue reading