See What Washington D.C. Looks Like at Night

Every night when dark settles over the District, bright lights around the city’s famous landmarks power on, creating a magnificent glowing aura around it. Even if you had traipsed around the city snapping shots of yourself in front of memorials and monuments earlier in the day, it’s worth the trip to come back out at night and see them again in a, well — different light. A thinner volume of visitors and cool night air makes the walk all the more pleasant. Not to mention a creative, romantic date idea! Continue reading

Korean Food at Vit Goel (Lighthouse Tofu)

I’m typically not a fan of Korean food. Previous experiences have ranged from too much garlic, to overly sweet bulgogi, to chewy and inedible grilled pork skin; and to emerging from poorly ventilated restaurants smelling musky of days-old food. I’m aware that my sentiment goes against the love for Korean food as shown by legions of fans, but sorry — or not — I just never got into it.

But at Lighthouse Tofu, also known as Vit Goel, I’m assured that I’ll never encounter the problems mentioned above. Atmosphere in the wood-paneled restaurant is quite a pleasant home feel, whilst servers are quick with recommending dishes and serving complimentary little saucers of kimchi and pickled vegetable appetizers. Continue reading

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

I’m a huge Potterhead, I am. I’ve read the entire series twice over and seen (all) the movies at least four times. While researching the trip, I became aware that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is actually part of Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park, and couldn’t help feeling a bit worried that HP World might be too small or too watered down, but my fears are now equivocally nixed. HP World is every bit as magical as everyone says it is, and overall, Islands of Adventure is as exciting as the main Universal Studios park. Continue reading

The Ollivander’s Wand Shop Experience

The wizard’s apprentice ushers about 10-15 people from the queue formed outside the shop, into a room lit just enough to make out a staircase built against wall shelves holding stacks and stacks of boxes (presumably) containing wands. A dark figure, back towards the crowd, begins to move on the landing of the staircase once the small crowd gathered has situated themselves.

Soon, you’ll realise that it’s an actor in wizard costume, the presumed shop proprietor. The wizard welcomes you to his shop before going on to pick one audience member for the reenactment of the scene in the movie, where Harry Potter meets Ollivander the wand maker and is told that “the wand chooses the wizard.” Continue reading

Izakaya Dinner at Kushi

Dinner at Kushi is one of the most delicious Japanese meals I’ve had in awhile. Special shout out goes to their mini rice bowl with salmon sashimi and roe — the fish glimmers with freshness and melts in your mouth like really fresh sashimi should; those little orange-red pearls of salmon roe burst when chewed, spreading delightfully rich and savoury goodness across the tastebuds. If heaven exists, I would hope I’ll be served this little bowl of gargantuan deliciousness thrice a week. Continue reading

Luray Caverns in Shenandoah Valley

Heard about Luray Caverns from a neighbour and decided to check it out when gal pal Liz flew in last weekend. It’s one of the many commercial show caves in Virginia that do guided walking tours through the caverns, brightly lit with dazzling yellow lights to feature spectacular speleothem formations that you’d never see anywhere out in the open air.

A mini adventure in semi-darkness, more than 100 feet below ground? Yes please!

Early morning last Sunday, Liz and I jumped into my trusty grey Civic and drove two hours westward from Washington D.C. to the town of Luray in the Shenandoah Valley. We arrived at a car park very full of Washington D.C. license plates, and a long line already formed at the entrance to the caves. Luray Caverns must be quite beautiful if it attracts half a million visitors every year. Continue reading

A Magical Time at Disneyland in Orlando

Cinderella's Castle Disney Orlando

Cinderella’s Castle in Main Street, Disneyland

Ahh, Magic Kingdom. That wonderful place where dreams comes true. Located in Disneyland in Orlando, somewhere in the upper central region of Florida, it attracts about 17 million visitors annually. Even if you never visit theme parks, make an exception for the famous Magic Kingdom.

To get to the gates, hop into a car, a taxi or a shuttle service; then wait for a monorail that will carry you through the air to a dock by the man-made lake, where a ferry known as Joe Potter awaits to bring you to the other side.

Speedboats zooms past on the twinkling water as the ferry boat chugs along towards shore. Our anticipation grows as a white castle with blue-roofed turrets draws ever closer. Finally! The journey to Magic Kingdom draws to a close, but the fun can now begin. Continue reading

Interview With LiveWorkTravelUSA

What’s it like to move one’s life to America?, an expat survival guide blog, recently interviewed me on my personal experiences with adjusting to a new home, cultural differences and what I like most about living in the States. If you’re curious to learn more in a nutshell, click the image to check out the rest of the interview! Continue reading

Where to Buy International Groceries in the D.C. Region

Yum…home made curry laksa.

You know you’ve had that issue before. The day when you had a craving for your mum’s home-made specialty dish. You emailed her for the recipe; she emailed back quickly and you got all fired up about making it. Except, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to find the ingredients in the regular stores. And sure enough, their “international aisle” was very limited.

The lovely thing about living in D.C. are the many ethnic grocery stores in neighbouring Maryland and Virginia suburbs. So many in fact that I’d never be able to do justice in compiling a full list of stores, so I’m giving you a selection of my personal favourites.

Continue reading