The Legendary Peacock Room in Freer Gallery

Photo: Neil Greentree. Click to see more of the room.

The hallway leading to the Peacock Room in the Freer Gallery is dimly lit, just enough for you to see where you’re heading. This only heightens the anticipation of walking into a magnificent room first built in 1800s London, displayed in a museum, then sold to a 1900s Detroit homeowner before being gifted to the Gallery around 1919.  Visitors that came sauntering into the Peacock Room spoke in hushed tones, eyes full of curiosity and wonder as they approached the room. For good reason.  Continue reading

According to Who? An Ai Weiwei Retrospective at Hirshhorn Museum

Ai Wei Wei: According To What?

Chinese dissident artist, Ai Wei Wei made his mark in the District again. (Previously, it was with Fragments.) Last October, the Hirshhorn Museum debuted a retrospective exhibit of Ai’s work, which included sculptures, photographs and installations. I was just in time to catch the final day of this exhibit last Sunday. See more pictures of the exhibit on my Flickr pageContinue reading

The 12th Annual Book Festival at the National Mall

2012 National Book Festival Washington DC

Under a white, high-peaked frame tent, a large crowd huddled close to the stage, where celebrated Dominican-American author Junot Diaz was reading from his latest work, “This Is How You Lose Her.” From the energetic and appreciative applause that Diaz got for his reading, a passer-by who only heard the sounds could’ve been forgiven for thinking that Justin Bieber was making an appearance for his fans. The turnout for the 12th Annual Book Festival on the National Mall clearly proved that reading isn’t obsolete in the D.C. area.

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