The Ringgit: Then And Now

Bank Negara rolled out design changes to the ringgit bills back in 2012, but to me they are brand new, and I’m finding it hard not to miss the mid-nineties design.

The Agong’s bust has been reduced by a third on all new notes, which seems to diminish his royal stature. A new 20 ringgit note has been introduced, but the orange-red colour can be mistaken for the red 10 ringgit note. Three shiny, rectangular shapes have been added to the left half of both 10 and 20 notes, a feature that is inconsistent and quite frankly, looks like a misprint. On the 100 note, there are not three, but four rectangles. On the 50 note, they show up on the back, not on the front like the others! It’s because of these new features that I keep flipping the note over, thinking that I’m looking at the back of the note when it’s really the front. Continue reading